Introduced in 2016, the Panerai Luminor Due series was conceived with the intention of maintaining the iconic design elements of the Luminor series while slimming down the dimensions for enhanced everyday wearability. Drawing from Panerai’s distinguished style, these timepieces effortlessly complement elegant attire. Recently, Panerai introduced the first complication to this series: a moon phase display. Today, let’s appreciate this exquisite new addition to the lineup.

From this image, Panerai retains the brand’s beloved aesthetic features that have captured the hearts of many Panerai enthusiasts. The stainless steel cushion-shaped case boasts a three-dimensional quality, enhanced by Panerai‘s meticulous overall polishing treatment. This attention to detail ensures that even with its relatively modest 38-millimeter size, the watch shines brilliantly on the wrist.

The iconic crown-protecting bridge on the dial remains one of the most recognizable elements of Panerai timepieces. Its presence ensures that even in the slimmed-down dimensions of the Luminor Due series, there’s a retained essence of sporty style.

The watch features a white sunray dial with a classic sandwich-style construction. The upper dial layer is cut out with hour markers, while the lower dial layer is recessed and filled with beige Super-LumiNova™ luminescent coating.

The highlight of the watch lies in the slowly rotating moon phase display window at 3 o’clock on the dial. Upon closer inspection, Panerai expertly captures astonishing details such as lunar seas, craters, and mountain ranges, faithfully replicating the surface of the moon. The entire 24-karat gold moon shines brilliantly against the backdrop of a star-studded blue night sky, imparting a poetic and romantic aura to the timepiece.

The moon phase window at 6 o’clock, alongside the iconic torpedo-shaped small seconds sub-dial, creates a sense of symmetrical beauty on the watch dial. Several modifications have been made to other details on the dial as well, such as adding the word “Luna” below the dial, which means “moon” in Italian, highlighting the watch’s distinctiveness. Upon closer inspection, the uneven application of the beige luminescent material on the lower layer of the sandwich structure adds a touch of retro charm to the watch in its everyday state.

Panerai’s luminescent effect never fails to impress watch enthusiasts. The image above showcases the watch’s green luminescence in real life, ensuring clear time reading in any dimly lit environment, regardless of the lighting conditions.

On the watch’s case back, beneath the circular brushed finish, lies the P.900/MP automatic movement. Based on the widely used P.900 movement by Panerai, it retains the characteristics of slimness, a three-day power reserve, and excellent precision and durability. The newly added moon phase function is an impressive feat, with a precision of only one day of error every 122 years. Additionally, it can be conveniently adjusted through the crown.

The PAM01301 is the only model among the new releases equipped with a stainless steel bracelet. Inspired by Panerai’s patented crown-protecting bridge device, the bracelet features a curved link structure, with the central links polished and the bridge-shaped links finished with a satin texture. This contrast enhances the overall attractiveness and adds depth to the bracelet, which, when combined with the stainless steel case and crown-protecting bridge, strengthens the overall visual coherence.

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