The watch we are going to talk about today is the 41mm Master Chronometer from the Omega Constellation series. This name is a bit long. I prefer to call this style of constellation a ceramic constellation. There are currently 12 models of ceramic constellations. What we are talking about today is the white porcelain dial watch that was just launched.

It can be said that the fashion trend of watches has always been closely related to changes in everyone’s dressing style. We can observe, especially in recent years, are there fewer and fewer people wearing formal suits? Wear whatever is comfortable for you. So major fashion brands are shrinking their formal wear lines and turning to luxury casual and luxury sportswear. We can also think about the watches that have been hotly speculated in recent years and see if they are also in this trend. Let’s talk today about how this ceramic constellation interprets luxury and leisure!

My understanding of luxury leisure is comfort and exquisite details. Let’s look at the bezel first. Nowadays, watches with ceramic bezels can be said to be very common, but when I saw the ceramic constellation, I still took a breath, because this was the first time I saw a ceramic bezel on a very special watch. appears on the exercise sheet. The first feeling at the time was that Omega’s innovation this time was too reliable. In my understanding, the Constellation series is not just a classic. I think it is more like a totem, or even a symbol of Omega. Although the Constellation series has too many halos, it has also launched double eagle with tape and rubber rings in history. But I always feel that it is a watch worn by my parents. Of course, it may be that we are not worthy of it. So this is why I was surprised when the ceramic constellation appeared. Its appearance not only makes the constellation series more than ten years younger, but also eliminates the scratches of daily wear.

Next, let’s look at the dial. I remember that when the Ceramic Constellation was first launched the year before last, the one with the blue circle and blue plate that received the most attention among the 8 watches was the one with a blue circle. But when I saw the real thing, to be honest, the blue plate was a bit dark. This is not an Omega problem, it is a common problem with almost all Star Blue dial watches. Everyone noticed that no, when the dial turned white, everything lit up. If the white dial is just for brightening, it is really not worth mentioning, but the white dial of this watch is not an ordinary white lacquered dial, but a white ceramic dial. Although the texture of the ceramic dial is not as fragrant, mellow and moist as the cheese of the Grand Feu enamel dial, it is still high-quality cream. If you must have cheese, the scale on the bezel is it.

After talking about the sophistication of this watch, let’s talk about its comfort. The first is the calendar. The position at 6 o’clock inherits the fine tradition of most Omega calendar watches, which is more comfortable to look at than at 3 o’clock. Since this watch uses the 8900 movement, the calendar is adjusted by the hour hand and can be adjusted back. I personally prefer this adjustment method. This is just like if you have ridden a motorcycle with a reverse gear, you hope that every motorcycle should have a reverse gear. Let me finally talk about the strap. This watch uses crocodile leather tape. Although this strap is not the first one used by Omega, I think it is the most suitable for use on a non-sports watch like the Constellation. Crocodile leather represents sophistication, while rubber represents comfort and peace of mind. As for the imperfections of this watch, I think it would be better if the water resistance could be improved to 100 meters, and if the official introduced more non-leather straps, there would be no worries about going into the water.

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