Recently, OMEGA has launched a new Aqua Terra Shades watch. The rich watch dial and the classic appearance design of the series give the Aqua Terra Shades watch a completely new look. The brand has released a total of 10 new stainless steel watches and 2 18K gold watches. Today we bring you a real-shot high-definition picture of one of the 38 mm orange disks. How do you feel about this new model? If you are interested, please read on! (Model:

Omega‘s Seamaster series includes the familiar Seamaster 300-meter diving watch, Planet Ocean, Seamaster 300 and Aqua Terra 150-meter watch. The watch we are tasting today comes from the more restrained and elegant Aqua in the series. Terra 150m watch. The watch is designed to pay tribute to Omega’s glorious marine legend. The perfect combination of marine elements and land presents a casual style more suitable for daily wear.

The case of this watch is 38 mm, and the brand has also launched a 34 mm model for everyone to choose from. There are five watches in both sizes. The 38mm model is available in dark blue, laurel green, sandstone, orange and terracotta. The brand uses PVD technology and CVD technology to create dials with various colors. This orange watch The eye-catching dial is different from other conventional colors, making it attractive among many watches at a glance.

The watch adopts a symmetrical design. The case and crown are made of polished stainless steel. The orange dial is made of brass and is lacquered to give the sunray polished effect from the center to the surroundings. All models launched this time have a trapezoidal or circular calendar window at 6 o’clock. In addition, the rhodium-plated hands and hour markers are covered with white Super-LumiNova.

The new bracelet design has been upgraded, and the bracelet uses exquisite arc-shaped links that are polished and brushed. It gives a new style to the appearance of the Seamaster Aqua Terra watch.

The back of the watch adopts a corrugated edge design. Through the see-through design, you can see that the watch is equipped with the Omega 8800 Master Chronometer movement. It has passed the Master Chronometer certification, so whether it is in terms of accuracy, anti-magnetic properties or overall performance, Look, the new Aqua Terra Shades watches meet the higher standards of the industry. The watch’s power reserve is 55 hours, which is enough to meet the wearer’s daily needs.

About Replica OMEGA Watches:

Undoubtedly, the classic styles of OMEGA watches leave a deep impression. However, authentic OMEGA watches can be quite expensive, making many admirers of their fashionable designs and exceptional quality hesitant to purchase. Fortunately, replica OMEGA watches are now available to satisfy those who desire the classic OMEGA style.

Replica OMEGA watches are meticulously crafted replicas OMEGA watches, known for their high degree of resemblance to the original models’ exquisite details. These replica watches not only resemble the outward appearance but also excel in craftsmanship and technology.

The superb craftsmanship and high-quality materials exhibited by replica OMEGA watches ensure improved accuracy and reliability compared to genuine watches. These replica watches adopt high-quality materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, and precise mechanical movements to ensure normal operation and long-lasting use.

In addition to highly resembling the outward appearance and craftsmanship, replica OMEGA watches provide more choices and flexibility. Consumers can choose different colors, materials, and dial styles according to their personal preferences, fulfilling their unique fashion needs. This flexibility makes replica OMEGA watches an ideal choice for OMEGA enthusiasts, whether for daily wear or as accessories for special occasions.

However, when purchasing replica OMEGA watches, certain considerations should be taken into account. Firstly, ensure selecting reliable suppliers to guarantee the purchased replica watches’ quality. Secondly, clarify one’s budget and requirements to avoid sacrificing quality in pursuit of low prices. Lastly, understanding relevant laws and regulations is crucial to ensure legal and compliant purchasing behavior.

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